About Håkan Mårtensson

Håkan Mårtensson

Meet Håkan Mårtensson - FIKA´s Master Chocolatier in the art of chocolate sculpturing.

From Hanaskog

Håkan Mårtensson was born May 24, 1982, in the heart of Sweden’s southern countryside. He grew up in the small village of Hanaskog, a picturesque village of only 1500 inhabitants.

Knew Early

Even as a young boy, Mårtensson knew that he would devote much of his life to making food, and began in high school to study the techniques of baking, pastry preparation and confectionary design.

Nordiska Kompaniet

To supplement his studies, Mårtensson worked the night shift at a local bakery and spent five weeks as an apprentice at the prestigious Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) bakery.


Right after graduation, 19-year-old Mårtensson was offered a position working alongside head pastry chef Stefan Johnson-Petersén. Mårtensson learned bread and bun making, pastry preparation, cake and cookie design.


And finally the art of chocolate. For five years Håkan worked with the extensive array of chocolate varieties and a true passion for this delicate aphrodisiac inevitably evolved.


In 2003 Mårtensson witnessed his mentor Stefan carving chocolate into designs, he began to experiment with creating chocolate sculptures as well. After two years of constant practice, Håkan had developed the skills to make others take notice of his talent.

Swedish Culinary Team

In 2005 he was invited by team leader Krister Dahl to become a part of the national Swedish Culinary Team. During the next four years, the team reached high levels of success in the international arena.


Together they won silver in 2006 World Cup. In 2008 they won bronze in the Culinary Olympics in Erfurt Germany (IKA Olympiade Der Köche). In the individual showpiece category, Håkan proved to be a force to be reckoned with, earning the gold medal in chocolate sculpturing.

FIKA New York

Not long after his international successes, Mårtensson set his sights on New York City. And today is working alongside the founder Lars Åkerlund as FIKA´s Master Chocolatier